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5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

1. Açaí berries

Açaí berries are believed to aid weight loss by reducing cravings and boosting metabolism. They’re are also high in anti-ageing antioxidants. In powdered form, açaí berries add both colour and a rich, slightly chocolatey flavour to smoothies.

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

2. Camu camu

The fruit from this South American plant is rich in vitamin C and has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties as well as an ability to boost the immune system. It also has a slightly caramel flavour, which mis great for adding sweetness.

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

3. Chia seeds

For its size, the tiny black chia seed packs a powerful punch. Not only is it rich in omega-3, it is also a source of complete protein (perfect for us veggies), containing all the amino acids, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Some nutritionists recommend soaking the seeds in a little water before use to increase its bioavailability.

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

4. Spirulina

This nutritious micro algae regenerates and cleanses the body. This is thanks to its chlorophyll content, which helps transport oxygen to every cell in the body; an allround winning addition to your breakfast juice.

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

5. Sweet potatoes

Look for orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, which have a higher nutritional content than the white-fleshed variety. A rich source of antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin C, sweet potatoes provide plentiful amounts of sustained energy and help to boost circulation. Plus, they taste amazing whizzed up.

5 health boosting smoothie ingredients

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