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EAT. has launched a vegan cheese toastie just in time for autumn

EAT. has launched a vegan cheese toastie just in time for autumn
Caramelised onions, earthy mushrooms, melted vegan cheese...

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect lunchtime treat, then head to EAT.

The sandwich chain has recently launched a new vegan Mushroom Melt toastie, filled with mushrooms, caramelised onions, vegan garlic mayonnaise, and a vegan smoked Gouda cheese made from coconut and potato that oozes out of a multi-seed bloomer.

It's a tasty, hearty meal that's perfect as the weather starts to cool down.

Speaking about the new launch, Holly Oades, customer director, EAT., says: "We are thrilled to add a delicious and filling vegan toastie to our menus this autumn. We believe our vegan ‘Gouda’ is the best plant-based alternative on the high street, and challenge everyone to try and taste the difference."

EAT.'s 'real food' ethos sees it serving healthy dishes with authentic ingredients, and is in over 90 shops across London and big cities around the country.

Available for £3.99, the Mushroom Melt is part of the new autumn menu at EAT., which is now in stores across the UK. To find out more visit

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