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3 plant-based recipes to heal your gut

We're celebrating Love Your Gut Week from 16-22 September

3 plant-based recipes to heal your gut

If you suffer from digestive problems, it can affect every aspect of your life, including what you can eat. But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying good food with friends!

In honour of Love Your Gut Week from 16-22 September, Dr Joan Ransley shares 3 delicious dishes filled with gut-friendly ingredients, from high-fibre rye sourdough bread, to polyphenol-rich spinach.

1. Poached Eggs with Wilted Spinach on Rye Sourdough Toast

Boost your dietary fibre with the help of rye sourdough bread, which can help prevent constipation and improve the health of your gut microbiome. The addition of spinach and asparagus provides a rich source of polyphenols, which are also great for gut health.

3 plant-based recipes to heal your gut

3. Carrot, Almond and Coconut Cake

Free from flour and sugar, this crumbly cake uses grated carrots as a natural sweetener. The addition of almonds, pumpkin seeds and coconut provides dietary fibre and complex carbs to keep your gut moving.

3 plant-based recipes to heal your gut

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