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5 Benefits of using Neuner’s Nursing Tea

The organic blend of herbs in Neuner's Nursing Tea helped writer, Saffia Brown discover her love of breastfeeding

5 Benefits of using Neuner’s Nursing Tea

The first few weeks of motherhood are tough. Recovering from childbirth, keeping a sleep schedule that would make any party animal wince and dealing with a constant barrage of well-meaning guests interrupting any downtime, is pretty stressful. Add that to the pressure of trying to make your baby latch successfully and you can see why a lot of women turn to formula.

Things don't get easier for a while after that either. Problems with oversupply, worrying if you're producing enough milk and cracked nipples can all make what should be a relaxing and comforting experience for both mother and child, something that women begin to dread.

That's why, five months down the line from having my son – and still breastfeeding – I'm so glad I was introduced to Neuner's Nursing Tea. Here's why I love it:

1. Organic

The moment you know you're pregnant, what you put into your body – and your baby's – becomes hugely important. No more packs of veggie gummy sweets for breakfast, suddenly you're ensuring you're getting your five-a-day, and then some! And that only intensifies once this pure little baby is born. You wash them with natural soaps, look for eco cleaning brands, and once they start weaning you're on the lookout for the freshest organic produce. Neuner's Teas are made from organically grown herbs, contain no GMOs and are suitable for vegans. That ticks every box for me.

2. Caffeine-free

Let's face it, sleep when you have a baby can feel more precious than oxygen. So, the last thing you want is your baby gently snoring away in his Moses basket whilst you're wide-eyed staring at the ceiling until their next feed. I found I became particularly sensitive to caffeine after having my baby (probably as a result of having given it up once pregnant) so normal breakfast tea was out the window. Neuner's Tea became the perfect hot drink replacement for a good night's sleep for both me and my baby.

3. Reassurance

If there's one thing that every breastfeeding mother worries about at some point, it's whether they're producing enough milk. I had an issue with oversupply, but even I had moments where I wondered if I was producing enough for my growing and, seemingly ravenous, boy. Neuner's is a real support during times of worry; the tea combines powerful herbs such as fenugreek, aniseed and caraway to support a breastfeeding experience that flows smoothly.

4. It's delicious

The aniseed, herbal flavour of Neuner's Nursing Tea is delicious and its aroma is deeply relaxing. I'm sure I'll continue to drink it long after the breastfeeding stops.

5. It carves out five minutes a day for me to sit down and relax

It's easy to use the time when your baby naps (if they do!) to gather up dirty muslins and run the hoover around, but taking time for yourself is really important, too. I always had a Neuner's Tea during my son's afternoon nap, paired with a good book – it became my reset button. After all, if there's one thing that really helps breastfeeding, it's a chilled out mama!

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