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3 apps to help you tackle food waste

3 apps to help you tackle food waste
Trying to reduce your food waste or want to support restaurants trying to do their bit? Here are 3 of our favourite apps that are tackling the issue by offering unsold food and leftovers for a fraction of the price...

1. Too Good To Go

Too Good to Go is a popular app, available in nine countries across Europe. Browse the map to find the nearest restaurant to you that's offering surplus food at a reduced price.

2. Karma

If you're based in London, then keep Karma at your fingertips. The app helps you discover unsold food from nearby restaurants, bars and cafés in the capital, from healthy vegan and gluten-free restaurant Redemption to Honi Poke and The Diner at The Shard.

3. Olio

Prefer to eat homemade meals? Olio connects you with neighbours and local retailers so that surplus food never goes to waste. Best of all, everything listed on the app is free!

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