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6 things top chefs can’t live without

We caught up with some of the UK’s top chefs to find out what they can’t stand in the kitchen, but also what they can’t do without...

6 things top chefs can’t live without


“My favourite kitchen gadget is my KitchenAid mixer and I love Marmite. I put it in everything. In fact, whenever I go away, I’ll always take Earl Grey tea bags and Marmite”


“Apart from something obvious like a knife, probably a whisk. They’re so versatile – sauces, dressings, desserts – just a really simple hand whisk is probably the tool that I use most”


“I love my pestle and mortar. It gets a lot of use because I’m the sauce man! Every kitchen should have one because the flavours are always better when you smash them, or as we say in Jamaica, when you mash it up! Only then will you get the best flavours out of the ingredients”


“I can’t do without my Pacojet machine. It makes purées, ice cream, sorbets... you freeze them down and then you pack them into your jet and and it shaves it at around 2,000rpm, and it becomes really smooth. For me, it’s got to be a Pacojet machine”


“My favourite knife is my zwiling henckel. Otherwise, it’s my Magimix. As a vegetarian, you can make some incredible dishes using it. I love making a four cabbage coleslaw spiked with a little wholegrain mustard and balsamic vinegar”


“My big wooden chopping board and good sharp knives”

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