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REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test

Morning goodies have certainly branched out from bland cereal. But what other options are out there? The Veggie team investigates…

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


Sian Bunney, editor: Mmm... this is quite sweet and subtle; it’s definitely well-suited to breakfast. I like it on toast, but I can also imagine it working well on granola. It’s delicious!

Paisley Tedder, content writer: I like it – I’m going in for seconds. It’s not too overpowering; this would be nice as an everyday honey.

Hilltop Honey Blossom Honey, £2.50, Sainsbury’s

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


Rachael Perrett, deputy editor: I like the sound of this: it contains oat flakes, desiccated coconut, cashews... but it also has fructose, which I try to avoid.

SB: I love the coconut flavour, and it has a great texture: you can really distinguish the different elements. I’d definitely have this for breakfast.

RP: I expected it to be sweeter, so I’m pleasantly surprised. I’d have it with soya yoghurt and berries.

Lizi’s Digestive Health Granola, £3.70, Sainsbury’s

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


SB: Oh no, I don’t like the look of this. It’s the apple pie and caramel that gets me – I don’t like caramel for breakfast, but I also hate the word ‘paleo’; we’re not cavemen!

RP: It smells like apple pie...but look, it’s quite chunky rather than mushed up, which is what I was expecting.

SB: It does actually look really nice. It’s not overly sweet; it’s quite cinnamony. I actually quite like it! It’s vegan, too, but they don’t shout about it. There’s just a really small stamp on the packaging, and there’s no Vegan Society logo on it, either.

RP: I’m not a massive fan of coconut chips so I wouldn’t opt for this, but it’s nice that it has chunky bits in it as it adds a nice crunch. I don’t know why it’s called caramel apple pie, though: I’m getting more flavours of coconut and cinnamon.

PT: I agree. If I hadn’t seen the packaging, I wouldn’t have thought that this was caramel apple pie flavour. But, I’m also dubious because I wouldn’t feel that a bar would be enough for breakfast. It’s more of a mid-morning snack.

Planet Organic Caramel Apple Pie Paleo Granola Bar, £1.49,

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


RP: My first thought is that there’s really not much inside, so it’s quite a waste of packaging. It was easy to make, though, and it smells like cinnamon and maple – lovely. So, if you like a sweet breakfast (like you, Paisley!) then it’s a good option. It’s also handy if you want to eat on-the-go, or in the office.

PT: I do feel full after porridge like this though, probably because it’s sweeter.

SB: Personally I wouldn’t choose to have something with salted caramel for breakfast. I’d look at other flavours by this same brand, though. And it’s good, not just because it’s vegan, but because it’s a similar consistency to porridge made with milk.

MOMA Almond Butter & Salted Caramel Dairy-free Porridge, £14.99 for 12 pots,

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


SB: I’ve never had goats’ butter before! It’s white but very butter-like; I thought it would be creamier. Plus, it doesn’t smell like goats’ cheese. It spreads quite easily, and it has a hint of goat dairy flavour. I like the texture, but I think it’s an acquired taste.

Delamere Dairy Goats Butter, £1.90,

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


RP: My first concern is the amount of excess plastic packaging: each croissant is individually wrapped within the larger packet.

SB: And it says on the back that it’s not recyclable. But there’s no palm oil in it, which is good; it has shea fat instead.

RP: Well, it’s exciting as a vegan to be able to eat a croissant! It’s quite yellow compared to a normal croissant; it’s still flaky, yet a bit more spongy and compact. But spread with some jam, it’s quite nice.

La Boulangère Vegan Croissants, £2.75, Sainsbury’s

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test


SB: This is so smooth. It smells amazing, too: fruity with a classic yoghurty whiff. It’s not too sweet, either. It’s lovely on top of granola.

PT: You’re right, it’s so creamy, but also has a nice tanginess to it that’s quite different; probably owing to the fermentation process. I’d like to try the brand’s other flavours, too.

Yeo Valley Mango and Passion Fruit Kefir Yoghurt, £1.50,

REVIEWED: 7 Veggie Breakfast Buys Put to the Test

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