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5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back

For light coverage and deep hydration, you can't go wrong with this range of tinted moisturisers and BB creams...

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
We're big fans of making life as easy as possible for ourselves, so any beauty product that satisfies a range of skincare needs is top of our wishlists! We've noticed a definite move away from the heavy 'baked' look made famous by Kim K, and it seems that we're not alone, as tinted moisturisers and BB creams are back in a big way.

Bear your individual requirements in mind when choosing your latest skin-perfecting marvel; if you're after deep hydration and light coverage, then go for a tinted moisturiser! On the other hand, if you feel that your skin needs heavier coverage, a BB cream might be better, as they tend to prime the skin. BB creams are also great for the summer, as they appear radiant on your skin when finished with bronzer.

So, if you're looking for products that will give you a dewy, glowing appearance, the following items are just the trick. Plus, they're all vegan – another attribute that you can slip into conversation when someone asks what your skincare secret is!


This multifaceted product is packed with so many skin benefits that Green People has named it 'DD cream', standing for 'Daily Defence'. The anti-ageing formula includes plenty of certified organic ingredients, such as sea fennel stem cells, jojoba, sweet almond and shea butter. With a combination this enriching, the DD cream is touted as an anti-ageing solution to help stimulate cell renewal, reduce age spots, and deliver moisture instantly. There's no need for an extra layer of sunscreen, either, as the moisturiser includes SPF 15 to help prevent signs of ageing. Deputy editor, Sian, loves this cream – it really does instantly melt into skin, and provides a satin smooth finish.

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
Image: Green People


The ultra-light consistency of this moisturiser is certainly suited to those of you looking for only a hint of a tint. The sheer colour of each formula gives the appearance of a healthy glow, while the natural SPF helps to keep the sun's ageing power at bay. Powerful, nourishing botanicals like avocado oil, green tea extract and aloe vera are also in the mix, helping to infuse your skin with deep hydration.

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
Image: ILIA Beauty


You'll be able to achieve an even complexion with intensely nourished skin using this multi-tasking formula from Inika Organic. It's rich in certified organic ingredients, including prickly pear, pomegranate, avocado and jojoba oil, restoring moisture to skin and contributing to an all-over radiant effect. The silky-smooth consistency of this BB cream makes it a breeze to apply, and you'll love how the formula melts easily into your face, so you can enjoy softer, younger-looking skin!

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
Image: INIKA Organic


For a really affordable beauty balm, Lily Lolo has you covered. This product is full of nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients to give you a healthy base, while mineral pigments help to blur any imperfections to even out your skin tone. With organic aloe and jojoba oil, the formula provides a hit of hydration and natural antibacterial protection to keep your skin in tip-top condition. The lightweight cream blends easily into your face for subtle coverage that reveals luminescent skin ready to radiate all day long.

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
Image: Lily Lolo


New for January 2019, this bargain BB cream provides even, light coverage enriched with vitamin E, plus Community Trade marula oil and organic aloe vera. It's ideal for all natural(ish) beauties – it never looks 'caked on'; instead, it effortlessly blurs your pores without using any skincare nasties such as parabens. Deputy editor, Sian was impressed by the coverage of this cream – it also blended easily with her moisturiser when she wanted only a hint of colour.

5 Vegan Tinted Moisturisers to Get Your Glow Back
Image: The Body Shop

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