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20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

Tried and tested by Team Veggie!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

As World Vegan Month comes to an end, we're thinking about ways to adapt into the lifestyle, rather than just diet. So, the next logical step has been our beauty regime, and we've been sifting through the huge amount of vegan brands taking the beauty world by storm. The cosmetics gurus of Veggie HQ have tried and tested the products, and these are our genuine opinions. Get ready to update your Santa wishlist ASAP.

1. REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30, £30,

An SPF is an essential we need all year round, not just in the summer as many assume. This lightweight formula is very popular with content writer, Paisley, as it glides onto skin perfectly and dries quickly, ready to apply make-up almost immediately afterwards. Ideal to make sure you still have time to apply, even during a hectic morning!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

2. Bybi Beauty Crystal Clear Cleanser, £24,

Cleansing is an unmissable part of your skincare routine, so it's important you have one that agrees with your skin, as well as aligning with your values. Luckily, this one from Bybi ticks both boxes for Paisley. It's a gel cleanser that lathers up in your hands, effectively removing make-up, whilst leaving skin feeling soothed and clear. Even better, the cleanser is contained in a bio-plastic tube derived from biodegradable sugarcane, so it can be recycled or composted at an industrial facility.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

3. Love Lani Tropical Coconut Face Polish, £18.99,

A good exfoliation is one of the best bits of any skincare routine, but it's made even better with this sweet-smelling face polish. Deputy editor, Rachael is a huge fan, as while it gently targets blocked pores and removed build up, it also left her skin soft and smooth - almost as if she had moisturised rather than exfoliated!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

4. Too Cool For School Hydra Bubble Toner Mist, £22.99,

Spritz your skin post-washing with this brightening toner. It left Rachael's skin glowing and smelt delicious, with the fruity lime scent wafting through. It's the perfect first layer of moisture before layering serums and creams. Plus, you only need a quick spritz, so a bottle will last you ages!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

5. Kale Anti Ageing Eye Cream, £30,

Rachael loves this soothing cream. It comes from affordable, natural skincare brand, Nourish London, and uses its supercharging formula with firming bio mimetic peptides and vitamin-rich kale to reduce fine lines and minimise dark circles. To say it delivers is an understatement, after just a week of night-time use Rachael could see a visible difference, which we were all super impressed with. It comes in an easy pump bottle, and as a little goes such a long way, this will definitely see you for at least 5-6 months.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

6. S5 Illuminate Serum, £52,

S5 has gained a cult following for its simple, gentle serums which each target a range of skincare issues. These include sensitivity, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dry skin to name just a few. The Illuminate serum is Paisley's favourite, targeting blemishes and environmental damage, it boosts luminosity and evens skin tone; whilst also containing vitamin C, the superhero skincare ingredient that dermatologists love, which supports collagen synthesis and leaves skin with a healthy glow. It's become an essential part of her daily routine, and after a few weeks of regular use she had already had compliments on her complexion.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

8. Upcircle Face Mask, £18.99,

We all love a face mask on a Friday night. Rather than hitting the town, all three of the editorial team love nothing more than sitting with a face mask on, a good film on the box, and a wholesome vegetarian dinner bubbling away in the oven! This mask in particular ticks all our boxes, helping to prevent breakouts, and leaving skin feeling hydrated and fresh. The brand is sustainable, as well as vegan-friendly, using discarded olive stones to make the mask. It's received the Veggie stamp of approval, that's for sure!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

9. Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, £24,

Editor Sian loves pampering herself, and luxury bath items are her favourite. This hero product tops her list of essentials, and was actually the founding product from cult vegan brand, Tropic. It's packed with nourishing oils and leaves skin silky smooth, so it's easy to see why it's so loved. Find yourself glowing all over and feeling fresh after your bath. We recommend enjoying in the tub with a side order of white wine, a good book, and a spare couple of hours. You can thank us later!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

10. Strawberry Body Yoghurt, £8.50,

This essence will always remind us of a childhood spent in The Body Shop, smelling all the testers and working out which shower gel to get with our £5 pocket money. Spoiler - it was usually strawberry for sweet-treat loving Paisley! The fruity scent is still a firm favourite of hers, and this yoghurt glides onto skin, soaking in immediately, so you don't need to wait to get changed. It's a post-shower must-have for a bit of nostalgia, and ultra-smooth skin.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

11. Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant, £18,

If you make one switch this month, we'd recommend changing up your deodorant. Not only is this option in line with values, it's also free from aluminium, which can have adverse affects on the body, and unfortunately most high-street deodorant offerings are full of it. This cream deodorant soothes into skin, and smells fantastic with scents of peppermint and lavender leaving you feeling fresh.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

12. To The Rescue Moisture Boost Shampoo, £6.99,

We've had mixed reviews with vegan shampoos, particularly the budget-friendly ones, but Noughty always comes up trumps. The scents of all its offerings are delicious, but this is our favourite: a delicious blend of sweet almond, and sunflower seed extract. It leaves hair feeling soft and appreciated, as well as thoroughly cleansed and clean. The packaging is recyclable, too!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

14. Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque, £34.90,

This started out as an Instagram sensation for Paisley, that simply wouldn't go away. For months she was taunted with ads for this vegan, nourishing, sweet-smelling hair mask, and eventually, after purchasing she discovered each tub contained at least 20 uses, so it seemed more justifiable. When it came to trying the product, impressed didn't quite cover it. The delicious coconut scent was a delight, and hair was left feeling invigorated afterwards. Paisley is very guilty of using straighteners on my hair more often than she should, and this felt like the ultimate remedy. For best results, leave on for 20 minutes in the bath before rinsing.

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

15. Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray, £38,

When we leave our hair to its own devices, it can often go haywire. Luckily, there are vegan-friendly aids which can make going au-natural much more appealing. This salt spray is one, which gives you tousled beach waves in just a few sprays! The tropical fragrance of guayba, hibiscus, and passion fruit leaves your locks smelling fab, too!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

17. 3INA The Highlighter £12.95,

We were so impressed when this highlighter landed on our desk! It's an essential make-up investment as we head into party season, and the powder format glides onto cheekbones, brow bones, and cupid's bow, ready for you to shine. The glow is natural, too, which we love!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

18. Fall In Love 2 Palette, £6.99,

This purse-friendly make-up brand never fails to come up with great additions to your bag, and this is just the thing for Christmas party season. The 10 high-pigment shades, all in metallic winter colours make for an exciting session in the mirror each time you're getting ready, and the handy mirror means it's ideal for on-the-go application, too!

20 Vegan Beauty Buys You Need In Your Life

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