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The Vegetatian Society. Here at the Vegetarian Society we just love veggie food, and we want everyone to know how delightful, delicious and diverse vegetarian dishes are!  We’re here to help if you have a question or are looking for advice for yourself, your friends or family.

As a charity, we encourage and support people to go veggie and stay veggie.  Vegetarian food isn't just a wonderful thing; it's a choice that means you can make a positive difference to yourself, to animals and to the planet.  To help spread the veggie message far and wide, we work with a variety of different people - from families to businesses, from meat-eaters to people just like you.

We run the Vegetarian Society Approved trademark scheme; a trademark you will find on thousands of products and restaurant menus, which makes finding veggie meals and ingredients easier.

Our award-winning website is home to a wide range of helpful information on topics including nutrition, our campaigns and activities such as National Vegetarian Week, as well as a whole host of delicious recipes.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach to learning to cook, our Vegetarian Society Cookery School is ideal.  Our cookery school loves getting people in the kitchen for a fun, practical and informative experience in a friendly atmosphere. 

The reason we can do all this as a charity is simply that we have such brilliant members and supporters.

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