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Plamil. Plamil’s roots are closely linked to the very start of the Vegan Society in the 1940-50’s. Those involved with the Vegan Society’s early days were an integral part of the company’s development of Europe’s first soya milk. Ethics and nutrition were high priorities from the early days and remain so today.

Today Plamil’s customers continue to trust the award winning range is made to the highest vegan standards by a vegan company. With the welcome growth in consumers following a vegan diet and more vegan foods on the market, shoppers are assured that Plamil will only use best ingredients. Over the years as technical advances have been made with all vegan products, like so many other free from foods, this means that items such as chocolate are now unrecognisable from the early days. 

Plamil believe chocolate is to be enjoyed, delight the taste buds, uplift and excite. Plamils created the dairy free milky category offering a huge variety and tastes for all to enjoy, from the silky no milky chocolate, to the dark strong 85% cocoa bars. Temptations continue in all directions with an array of flavours and size of bars, and now even fun shapes such as bears and hearts. Plamil lead the way in offering sugar alternatives such as coconut blossom sugar chocolate. With their no added sugar chocolates they ensure that there is always a tasty no sugar option available.

Seasonal chocolates are highly sought after. With Christmas around the corner make sure that you get your hands on their advent calendars and snowmen. Looking to next year Plamil are launching highly novel and beautifully designed bunny packs in addition to their Easter range.

With a greater number avoiding eggs , Plamil are expanding their Egg free mayo range which now include their fantastic green chilli mayo in a squeezy bottle. Again using the best ingredients such as Cider vinegar, soya beans and not using cheaper vinegars and protein isolates

Plamil is now run by the son of one of the company founders. A lifelong vegan, Adrian is dynamic figure having been in the industry over 30 years. He ensures that Plamil continue to set the standards which others follow and that ethics have and will always be applied to every aspect of the business.

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