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Koko. Koko Dairy Free has developed a range of coconut based products designed to avoid allergens & animal products.

Our Original milk alternative was launched in 2010. Fortified with calcium and added vitamins D2 and B12 it is also suitable for Vegans. It has a fresh, clean, natural taste and can be used in tea, coffee, cereals and cooking without dominating the flavour of the dish.

New in 2015 is a 45% vegetable oil spread containing 26% coconut oil. Use instead of butter or margarine for lower saturates and more Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs). Coconuts contain more MCFAs than any other food source and our Spread provides 7g of MCFAs per 100g.

Also new, under our Koko Cuisine brand name, is a Virgin Coconut Oil. This is made by centrifuge extraction from coconut flesh with no chemicals or additives. Coconut oil is extremely heat tolerant in cooking and its high MCFA content is making it increasingly popular in cooking & baking or as a food supplement.

Koko Dairy Free has also launched an exciting range of dairy free yogurt alternatives this year, which have been a huge success.

The yogurts are dairy free, soya free and allergen free and you’ll be surprised just how much like regular dairy yogurts they taste. The range consists of:

  • Original Plain 500g
  • Strawberry 2 x 125g
  • Raspberry 2 x 125g
  • Peach & Passionfruit 2 x 125g
  • Coconut & Lemon 2 x 125g

Coconuts are a fruit, with an interesting profile of nutrients. But above all coconuts allow Koko Dairy Free to create great tasting yogurt alternatives you’re sure to love. The secret lies in Koko’s expertise with coconut, one of nature’s finest foods.

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