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How to prep your veg… Cordon Bleu style!

Preparing carrots ‘julienne’ style gives a much more refined finish to the veg, and it can be quick and easy to achieve with these simple steps:

How to prep your veg… Cordon Bleu style!


Peel the carrots and cut off the sides to make a square out of each.


Lengthwise, cut very thin slices before stacking them


With the slices stacked, cut lengthwise in the same thickness as the slices.


This method of preparation works particularly well when using carrots as crudités for dips.


Did you know that garlic is actually seasonal and has to be preserved? During the preservation process a small green germ can form, which makes it taste bitter. The first step in preparing garlic is to remove the germ.


After removing the germ, begin by crushing the cloves with the back of a knife – using a little rock salt can help this process by keeping the clove steady.


Once crushed, begin chopping by rocking the knife back and forth – continue doing this until the garlic is nicely minced.


In French this process of very fine chopping is known as ‘hacher’.

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