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6 simple tips for cooking aubergine

Bulbous, mild and fleshy; these purple gems are versatile and add depth to many dishes. However, if you get it wrong they can be bitter, soggy or chewy. Do them justice with these failsafe tips.

6 simple tips for cooking aubergine


Choose a firm, glossy and heavy example which will prove fresh and yield the most flesh.


To avoid discolouration, only cut them just before you cook them.


If you are planning to fry your aubergines, slice and salt it lightly and rest the slices on some kitchen paper to release the excess moisture.


Aubergines do act like sponges for oil, salting them will avoid a soggy and oily mess.


They can take a while to cook in a stew, so give them 2-4 minutes in the microwave before cooking to speed the process up.


No one likes a squishy or watery aubergine in their curry. You can avoid this dreaded texture by roasting them before adding them to your favourite dishes.

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